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What safety features should I look for when buying a garage door?

Modern garage doors offer several safety features including rolling code technology, reverse mechanism, emergency release, and built-in light and back-up battery supply. These are the most common features offered that you should look for when you look for a new garage door.

How long do garage door springs last?

According to our experts in Illinois, garage door springs last for about 10,000 cycles where each cycle is the opening and closing of a garage door. As to the length of time, garage doors and parts typically last 10 to 20 years, also depending on the maintenance and frequency of use.

Why is my garage door opener making grinding noise?

The motor unit produces this type of noise when the main moving gear inside it is broken. The motor delivers power to this gear. When it spins, the power is transferred to the drive so that the door can be opened or closed automatically. When the main gear is broken, the door cannot run with the opener. Once it is replaced, the door will start working as usual.

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